I-DOhC's comprehensive list of specific services include:
  • Both non-occupational & occupational (workers compensation) disability & cost management
  • OSHA medical-record keeping consultation & real-time intervention to minimize the recordability & severity of work-related incidents
  • Internal corporate/hospital medical department & outside clinic medical department audits
  • Determination of fitness to wear a respirator under the OSHA Respirator Standard
  • Determination of work-relatedness of confirmed Standard Threshold Shifts (STS) under the OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard
  • Medical Review Officer review of drug test results & administrative assistance as needed; both regulated & non-regulated
  • Medical Quality Assurance Protocols & Support for other health care professionals, e.g. nurses, etc. & internal medical departments
  • International expatriate & national medical intervention & triage assistance for employees & families
  • Travel medicine consultation
  • Medical components of benefits health insurance plan design & wellness/health promotion consultation
  • Consultation & design of health-productivity programs
  • On-site medical support for key stakeholder meeting, e.g. shareholders, board of directors, etc.
  • In-plant/facility medical department staffing
  • Telemedicine for key personnel & acute intervention/referral

 I-DOhC's general clinical services include direct patient care and expert witness evaluation and testimony.

 I-DOhC's general administrative services include:
  • The assessment & improvement of the delivery of onsite healthcare related benefits for an organization
  • Collaboration with internal & external parties to promote wellness, prevent disease & minimize disability by focusing on individuals
  • The institution of innovative programs to realize extensive cost savings for an organization & quality healthcare for the individual


All services, available any time both onsite and electronically, year round.